Are There Any Differences Between Marijuana And CBD?

Most patients believe that CBD has a high medicinal benefits compared to all the other cannabis compounds that are in the market. Most people do not realize the fact that there are two different versions in the market. If you are wondering what CBD is, it is a non-psychoactive chemical that is usually found on the cannabis plant. It is highly beneficial when it comes to the treatment of a number of conditions from chronic pain to epilepsy. There are also those patients who believe CBD tend to have the most medicinal benefits when you compare it to the other cannabis compound

So, what are the Differences between marijuana and CBD

Before you get to look into the Differences between marijuana and CBD, it is important for you to know what CBD is all about. It is one of the more than 100 cannabinoids that are available in the cannabis plant For the years that have followed, there have been numerous studies that have been carried out just to find out the medical power that CBD has.

There are several states that have taken the initiative to pass the CBD laws as a way in which sick children can be helped. However, the federal government still considers CBD to be an illegal drug which is why you cannot be able to easily get it in some states without finding yourself in the wrong arm of the government.

It is the key distinction that CBD has that has been derived from marijuana and also CBD that comes from hemp oil is what tends to set them distinctively apart. When you have a look at marijuana, you will find that it is usually mostly harvested for its buds which normally contain the psychoactive properties that are known to produce the stone effect feeling. Hemp, on the other hand, the seed, and the stalks are usually its target. You should note that these plants do not contain a high amount of THC meaning that they are not able to give the high feeling to the person who is using.  For cannabis to be considered to be hemp, then it should not have a THC level that goes beyond 0.3%.

As much as both hemp oil and CBD oil are both on very low levels of THC, the difference in the amount of CBD amounts that each of these products contains is huge. CBD oil has a total of 205 while Hemp has little traces that do not go beyond 3.5%. The higher concentration is what makes CBD to be very ideal especially when it comes to the treatment of a variety of medical conditions and health issues.

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