Is it possible to deliver weed by mail?

The laws of Canada have allowed its citizens to mail Cannabis to each other. However, this practice has a little rule presiding over it, and that is the weed being mailed must be household-grown or from a licensed dealer. This measure has understandably been put in place to eliminate third parties, and thus the illegal growth of the drug. So, whenever in Nova Scotia (Yes, I chose it for that reason) or British Colombia (highly recommended), feel free to wrap a nice bag of Cannabis for your friend and drop it off at the post office.

Can you have delivered to your doorstep?

Indeed you can. There are weed-producing organizations that have a personal doorstep delivery service suited precisely for those days when you don’t feel like going out (or more relatable, in times of lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic). The downside to this is that you might have to pay a slightly higher price compared to just picking the weed from the dealer yourself.

Does Canada allow international weed deliveries?

Absolutely not. And understandably so. See, there isn’t that many a country that has legalized the use of Marijuana. In some places, one can be penalized if a Cannabis drug test comes out positive, let alone being found in its possession. Had Canada legalized international weed delivery, then it would have become a target market for international criminals and that would be bad for Canada’s diplomatic relations with other countries, wouldn’t it?

Is weed delivery cheap in Canada?

Well, that depends. Some organizations offer free shipping as an incentive for their clients, while others merciless attach the shipping fee to the product. It also depends on where the weed is being delivered from and to. You might find delivery within the same province cheaper that a trans-province delivery, since you might have to factor in the transport cost with the latter. Public provisional dealers may be luxuriant with their prices compared to private dealers.


Weed delivery in Canada is still a young venture that we expect to mature with time.  It can be concluded however, that having Cannabis delivered to your doorstep ( need I mention ‘ legally’) has become so much easier three years down the line and with the government looking to deal with any challenges facing the Cannabis, it is bound to get a whole lot easier.

How to purchase with Canna Lyft in Canada ?

Buying Weed Online in Canada

Come and join the online community in discovering how, where, and when to buy weed online in Canada through this article. Learn the disadvantages of using weed, and then be the judge as to the legality of the drug. Make a personal decision as to whether the product should be so easily accessible or not. 

Buying Weed Online in Canada Today

Weed, also referred to as pot, crack, and marijuana is the greenish substance that is produced when the flowers of a plant known as cannabis Sativa are dried out. It is a psychoactive drug that contains ingredients that affects the normal functioning of the brain. Buying weed online in Canada for recreational purposes is a simple task since it was legalized in all provinces by the Prime Minister in 2018. A person with a prescription is in a position to purchase 30g at a time, which is equivalent to 60 joints depending on how they roll them. 

How to buy weed

A person above nineteen years can buy marijuana from online dispensaries if they have permits or prescriptions from a reputable doctor. It is relatively affordable as the stipulated price ranges from 8-15 dollars per gram. 

Weed is available in different forms ranging from cannabis seeds, fresh, dry, and oily cannabis, and also capsules for ingesting. At other times, these products are sold disguised as snacks such as cookies, sweets, or gumballs. 

The most popular marijuana product in Canada is known as ‘The flower’ which is for smoking. It can also be sold in physical pot shops and vending machines.

When to buy weed

Many studies have shown that marijuana has significant medical benefits to cancer, arthritis, and other patients who suffer from chronic illnesses. It treats insomnia, anxiety, pain, and nausea among other conditions. By affecting the neurotransmitters in the brain, marijuana acts as a mild sedative, increases appetite, and is also known to lower blood pressure.

When looking to buy weed online in Canada, a client should do their due diligence on where to get high-quality tested products at an affordable price. There are millions of reviews online on which suppliers have the best customer services and shipping credentials. This will enable the customer to get value for their money.

Drawbacks of using weed

Marijuana exhibits addictive properties in routine users. It lowers brain functions resulting in increased pulse rates and leading to bad behavior. A user becomes unsteady on their feet and cannot operate machinery when under the influence of the drug. It also interferes with short-term memories.

The abuse of marijuana by younger people can stunt brain growth, increase the risk of psychosis and vulnerability to other dangerous drugs.
The bottom line is, the benefits of marijuana usage far outweigh the risks. The green miracle drug has helped patients live pain-free lives affordably. Buying weed online in Canada can be a discreet affair, which maintains the privacy of buyers. However, marijuana is misused because it gives its users a temporary ‘high’ that translates to a false sense of happiness.

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