Source of CBD and THC

The compounds cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are two of the components found in cannabis (marijuana). These two components interact with cannabinoid receptors to help lessen symptoms of certain illnesses like cancer, pain, eating disorders among others.

Although THC and CBD both work with the endocannabinoid systems, they project different reactions to the body and work on different illnesses. Here are some of the comparisons of  THC vs CBD

Getting high

These cannabinoids interact with the brain receptors differently. CBD is unlikely to get one high, while THC can be used for recreational purposes because of its ability to make one high.

Although both cannabinoids can be used for medicinal purposes, CBD is the one that is mostly preferred. 

Source of CBD and THC

Both cannabinoids come from cannabis. Although, when patients use cannabis that is high in CBD, they are using Hemp CBD (Hemp is a relative of the cannabis plant).on the other hand, THC comes from cannabis and is extracted from the source.


When treating illnesses, CBD and THC provide relief to several similar symptoms. However, some people may prefer to use the CBD version of the treatment, as it doesn’t have the euphoric effect found in THC.

CBD can treat illnesses like:

  • Seizures 
  • Pain
  • Nausea
  • Inflammation 
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • anxiety

THC can treat:

  • Pain 
  • Insomnia
  • Low appetite
  • Anxiety
  • nausea

Side effects THC vs CBD

CBD can be used in large quantities as it doesn’t have any side effects. And if they are any, it could be because of a mixture with other medication.

When using THC, one can experience effects like:

  • Red eyes
  • Dry mouth
  • Loss of memory
  • Lack of coordination
  • Feeling high, especially for teenagers

Neither THC nor CBD has serious side effects. There are no fatal effects if they are used correctly, and you can never have an addiction to THC if you use it in moderation.

Drug testing of THC vs CBD

THC and  CBD cannabinoids when ingested are stored in body fats and so can be detected in test weeks after consumption.

Not all drug tests can detect CBD, but there are some tests that are CBD-sensitive available. Most tests look for THC components, so if you use marijuana, it will easily show when screening.

Likewise, if you have used hemp, traces of THC together with CBD can be found even without consuming THC.

In conclusion, It is better to not use any products with THC or CBD before a drug test, as products claiming to be THC- free may have traces of it.

Both THC and CBD have medicinal benefits. Although they are safe to use, it is advisable to always consider their side effects and how they would interact with other drugs when used together. Talking to your doctor is a good way to address concerns on side effects.

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Buying Weed Online in Canada

Come and join the online community in discovering how, where, and when to buy weed online in Canada through this article. Learn the disadvantages of using weed, and then be the judge as to the legality of the drug. Make a personal decision as to whether the product should be so easily accessible or not. 

Buying Weed Online in Canada Today

Weed, also referred to as pot, crack, and marijuana is the greenish substance that is produced when the flowers of a plant known as cannabis Sativa are dried out. It is a psychoactive drug that contains ingredients that affects the normal functioning of the brain. Buying weed online in Canada for recreational purposes is a simple task since it was legalized in all provinces by the Prime Minister in 2018. A person with a prescription is in a position to purchase 30g at a time, which is equivalent to 60 joints depending on how they roll them. 

How to buy weed

A person above nineteen years can buy marijuana from online dispensaries if they have permits or prescriptions from a reputable doctor. It is relatively affordable as the stipulated price ranges from 8-15 dollars per gram. 

Weed is available in different forms ranging from cannabis seeds, fresh, dry, and oily cannabis, and also capsules for ingesting. At other times, these products are sold disguised as snacks such as cookies, sweets, or gumballs. 

The most popular marijuana product in Canada is known as ‘The flower’ which is for smoking. It can also be sold in physical pot shops and vending machines.

When to buy weed

Many studies have shown that marijuana has significant medical benefits to cancer, arthritis, and other patients who suffer from chronic illnesses. It treats insomnia, anxiety, pain, and nausea among other conditions. By affecting the neurotransmitters in the brain, marijuana acts as a mild sedative, increases appetite, and is also known to lower blood pressure.

When looking to buy weed online in Canada, a client should do their due diligence on where to get high-quality tested products at an affordable price. There are millions of reviews online on which suppliers have the best customer services and shipping credentials. This will enable the customer to get value for their money.

Drawbacks of using weed

Marijuana exhibits addictive properties in routine users. It lowers brain functions resulting in increased pulse rates and leading to bad behavior. A user becomes unsteady on their feet and cannot operate machinery when under the influence of the drug. It also interferes with short-term memories.

The abuse of marijuana by younger people can stunt brain growth, increase the risk of psychosis and vulnerability to other dangerous drugs.
The bottom line is, the benefits of marijuana usage far outweigh the risks. The green miracle drug has helped patients live pain-free lives affordably. Buying weed online in Canada can be a discreet affair, which maintains the privacy of buyers. However, marijuana is misused because it gives its users a temporary ‘high’ that translates to a false sense of happiness.

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How are CBD gummies beneficial?

CBD  Gummies are sweet and chewy candies that contain cannabidiol oil. They are extracts of the hemp plant, a non-intoxicating breed of cannabis, and are obtainable in various flavors, colors, shapes, and concentrations of CBD. They mask a soil-like taste and if you have a sweet tooth, you may want to avoid overdosing as much as it can be tough finding the proper dosage.  

There are 3 variations of CBD gummies. I will in brief discuss them before I point out the benefits of consuming CBD. 

  • Full-spectrum CBD: This holds the phytochemicals which ensue naturally within the cannabis plant and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that manufactures the “high”. 
  • Broad-spectrum CBD: This has phytochemicals within the plant but does not have the mind-altering drug, THC. 
  • CBD isolate: This is the purest variety of CBD and should contain an acceptable product for first-time users of CBD.  

Now let’s review the benefits of CBD gummies consumption.  

  1. CBD gummies consumption relieves pain 

CBD together with THC is effective in lessening pain associated with illnesses like multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. 

  1. CBD gummies may reduce Acne 

It contains anti-inflammatory qualities and can control the overproduction of sebum from the sebaceous glands hence reducing Acne. 

  1. CBD gummies consumption provides focus and support 

CBD works well with dopamine receptors in our bodies. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps in regulating behaviors in our bodies such as focus, memory, and mental attention. 

  1. No ‘ high’ feeling 

Marijuana products induce a sensation of getting ‘high’ whereas with the gummies, although it offers constant relaxation and clarity, the consumer does not get ‘high’. CBD gummies can be taken every day comfortably but on dosage. 

  1. CBD gummies antioxidants 

CBD is a very good oxidant source. It is revealed that it has more antioxidants than vitamin C and E and it aids in relieving stress and works as a natural protective benefit to our health. 


CBD gummies have progressed as an efficient technique to deal with stress and the product is important to consumers who have been using it. In the end, this contributes to revenue growth. Furthermore, the increase of stress levels of the people since the eruption of the Covid 19 has led to an increase in the demand for gummies for those with sleep problems and anxiety. The pandemic has brought with it a lot to of anxiety to individuals, families, and people suffering from other illnesses. 


Although CBD gummies are sweet and have a fruity flavor, it is vital to consult a doctor before using the product if an individual is on an alternative medication, pregnant, breastfeeding, or suffering from other conditions. Too much dosage has side effects. 

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Benefit of eating edibles over smoking it

Weed can be smoked or eaten depending on a persons’ preference. Through research, it has been proven that marijuana can be healthy to the body when consumed in the right manner and in the right quatity. 

Eating Weed 

The extracted ingredient from weed is used to make candy, edibles and brownies. The edible goes through digestion which could take an hour or more for it to kick in. The high feeling lasts longer depending with how much was consumed as compared to smoking it weed delivered calgary. Depending with how the edibles were manufactured, cannabinoid concentration can vary in them.  

Benefit of eating edibles over smoking it 

Edibles get into the body through digestive tract 

Smoked weed goes straight through bloodstream to your brain. The lungs might be at risk because of the smoke. It’s more safe eating it for it passes through the different digestive parts until it gets to the bloodstream then to the brain. 

More high feeling 

Since the edibles take long to be fully digested, it’s effect last for longer hours until it has fully been used up by the body. Some people also take more to make the feeling to last for longer hours.  

Relaxation effect 

Someone who has eaten edibles feels more relaxed and their anxiety is reduced. The high feeling helps a person to relax. For those who are sleepless, they get to sleep well for some hours. 

Smoking Effects 

Over the years, smoking weed was the main method of using it. After smoking where you inhale it, tetrahydrocannabinol which is contained in weed, goes to the bloodstream through the lungs, which then carries the chemical to the brain. One feels the effect of weed more intensely and by smoking than eating it. The effect of smoked weed lasts for only a short period. 

Benefit of smoking weed over eating edibles 

Helps in drug addiction 

People who started smoking weed to stop their addiction of other drugs such as heroin, tobacco and alcohol, it has really helped them to stop using the drugs and use marijuana instead.  

Helps in cancer patients 

Smoked weed helps cancer patients who have been prescribed medicinal weed. It either reduces the growth of cancer cells or kills them. For those undergoing chemotherapy, symptoms such as vomiting and nausea are alleviated.  


Eating weed is seen to be the preferred method to use because it’s healthier and you reduce the risk of respiratory diseases which is brought by smoking it. There are negative effects like paranoia and short term memory that come with use of marijuana.  

Regardless of the method you use to consume weed, tetrahydrocannabinol is present. Compare the two methods and see which is best for you and use it. Also have your own reasons why you want to consume weed, either for recreational or medicinal purposes. 

Different functional mushrooms and their benefits

Though there has been campaign of the health benefits of mushrooms, some people remain unwilling about eating them leave alone enjoying their pros. We have edible mushrooms, but some are poisonous. Functional mushrooms are among the edible mushrooms with great health positive effects. 

Let’s learn about different functional mushrooms and their benefits. 

Turkey Tail 

  • Has polysaccharide-peptide and polysaccharide-k that act as antioxidant. 
  • Contains fiber that ease digestion process. 
  • Improves heart, joints, and stomach health. 


  • Helps in digestion. 
  • Calms stomach sensitivity to other foods. 


  • Acts as a flavor in drinks like coffee by making it more appealing by making it look darker.  
  • Strengthens immune system. 
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties thus relieving pain and discomfort that they cause. 
  • Possesses antioxidant factors.  


  • Improves immunity. 
  • Manages blood sugar. 
  • Maintains healthy cholesterol levels. 
  • Helps calm stress 


  • Very rich in proteins thus acts as a body builder. 
  • Helps regulate sugar levels. 
  • Helps maintain healthy fat and cholesterol levels. 
  • It is rich in fiber thus good for weight loss. 


  • Maintains body sugars. 
  • Makes fats do their function well such as by acting as alternate energy producers. 


  • Improves blood circulation thus benefiting health of the heart. 
  • Due to efficiency in blood flow, respiratory process is enhanced. 
  • Effects better sleep when consumed. 
  • Boasts cell maintenance, growth and energy levels. 
  • It has nucleosides that builds RNA & DNA pigments in our cells. 
  • Acts as an energizer by releasing energy stimulants to the cell. 


  • Rich in vitamin D for bone and teeth strengthening. 
  • Brings comfortability and ease after chemotherapy. 
  • Other benefits of Tremella functional mushroom is antioxidant & fiber. 


  • Has glucans and Triterpenes that enhances immune system. 
  • Herbal medicine that calms the mind and body thus reducing stress levels. 
  • Lower stress levels reduce depression.  
  • Reduction in stress and depression brings better and longer sleep. 
  • Quality sleep leads to overall health benefits and raises brain and body workability because they had enough time to take a rest. It in turn increases productiveness. 


  • Invokes mood improving response. 
  • Used in the beauty industry by glowing the skin and shining the hair. 
  • Has ergothioneine that offers antioxidant properties beneficial for healthy body functioning. 
  • Vegetable protein which is very healthy on anyone whether obese, underweight or mid-weighed. 
  • High fiber for good digestion and eliminate constipation issues. 
  • Has vitamins that has various health benefits like improving eye sight, bone strength, muscle growth, etc. 
  • Minerals that are nutrients supplements 
  • Contains over 12 amino acids necessary for nutritional supplements like calcium, phosphorus, etc. 

Lion’s Mane 

  • Has medicinal purposes like boasting memory. 
  • Contain nootropic properties that boast brain function ability by allowing the nerves that act as direct links to send signals for functions to be carried out. 
  • Helps one to focus. 
  • Rich in proteins for muscle and body building. 
  • Used for spiritual practices like meditating. 

In summary, the above benefits of functional mushrooms are a must experience. Let us all embrace functional mushrooms.  

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Benefits of using Marijuana over other medications

Marijuana also referred as weed, Cannabis or bhang can be used to treat pain. Example of pains treatable using Marijuana include arthritis, cancer, chronic, and frequent headaches also known as migraines. Some people suffer from these pains, and no scientific medicine can cure it without serious side effects.  

This article will focus on how Marijuana works, its benefits over other medications, side effects, and precautions. 

How it works 

Marijuana has psychoactive ingredients like THC & CBD. When smoked, these ingredients are inhaled to the lungs, seeps through the airbags to blood capillaries and later attaches themselves to the blood. The blood with active Marijuana ingredients is transported to all body parts like the brain.  

The brain has receptors where Marijuana components attach, and react with to cause effects. One of the effect is to send a command of pain relieve to the head through stimuli of cells’ nerve endings, thus curing the migraines.  

Benefits of using Marijuana over other medications 

Medical Marijuana is a pure, tested and proven migraine and pain relieve medication by the FDAA and the WHO. 

Herbal medicine from the Cannabis plant, so has no chemicals. 

A natural medication from the earth, thus results are almost guaranteed. 

Will treat other ailments such as other pains, depression, stress, Insomnia, etc. 

Side effects 

Though medical Marijuana is tested and accepted as medication to relieve migraines, its side effects are almost similar to those of normal unstandardized Marijuana. 

These side effects include: 

  • Dizziness- It is advisable to take the drug during night time or when you are ready to sleep. 
  • Fatigue- A wave of exhaustion will wipe you after taking the drug, so smoke when you have small chores to do. 
  • Memory loss- You may start forgetting small things like where you put your keys. 
  • Appetite changes- Either loose appetite, or have an increased appetite. 
  • Diarrhea 
  • Dry mouth 
  • Feelings of high  


Over use of medical Marijuana may lead to addiction which is harder to treat than migraines. 

There is a chance of quack medical practitioners claiming to sell medical Marijuana, but their product is not medical. 

It is not a permanent cure for migraines, so you will have to keep smoking it once in a while. 

You may have to expose yourself to super high Marijuana quantities to feel changes. 

You may be tempted to treat yourself using roadside Marijuana which will pose worse health conditions. 

Negative side effects of the drug are a must experience, so look for means to counter the effects. 

In conclusion, smoking medical Marijuana to relieve migraines works buy weed online. Also, it has other health benefits like treating other pains and mental conditions. However, negative effects are experienced too, and the user should never opt for this treatment without a guidance of a qualified medical practitioner. 

How CBD reduced anxiety?

Anxiety is experience of nervousness, worry, fear or tension on certain situations or events. Physical symptoms of anxiety are increased sweating or heartbeat.  It is the usual response to stressful situation or stress. Excess anxiety for long period of time may lead to person having anxiety disorder.  

Cannabis use to treat anxiety has become a major research topic in the medical and psychological field as a way of providing relief to patients.  

Cannabis sativa plant leaves, flowers and seed oil are used for medicine and recreation purpose online dispensary. Cannabis use in recreational purpose can trigger some feelings and effects such as paranoia, relaxation, increased appetite, confusion, euphoria or elation and perceiving changes in taste, space, color, time or sound. Cannabis is consumed in different ways such as eating raw, consuming supplements or capsules, vaping or smoking, eating cooked in food such as cakes and drinking in tea.  

Cannabidiol (CBD) is from cannabis sativa plant. It’s used to treat anxiety and several other conditions when in non-psychoactive compound form. The most common condition in mental health in anxiety disorder which affects 31% of adults. It affects women more than men.  

A study on cannabis use to treat anxiety in 2020 showed that people who received CBD medication for depression or anxiety had better ability to do daily work and reduce anxiety or depression and pain symptoms.  Another 2020 review evaluated CBD treatment effects in adults with anxiety. 2 months later they found 79% improvement on anxiety symptoms. The study reviewed evident that use of CBD effective as treatment of social anxiety, general anxiety, and post-traumatic stress.    

A survey in 2018 established that cannabis use reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. It revealed 58%reduction of stress and anxiety. It reported bigger reduction on female than male after using cannabis medicine. In 2017 review on CBD showed it helps reduces anxiety disorders. 

2015 review found clinical and preclinical evidence which confirmed CBD treat various anxiety disorders such as panic disorder (PD), social anxiety, general anxiety (GAD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and post-traumatic stress (PTSD). A review in 2015 found that cannabis reduces different anxiety disorders. These disorders are social anxiety, general anxiety, obsessive-compulsive and post-traumatic stress.  

2011 study established CBD reduced anxiety rate in social anxiety disorder. Study in 2010 revealed cannabis decrease symptoms of anxiety in persons with social anxiety. Brain scans of people with this disorder were scanned and flow of blood to areas of the brain linked with anxiety feelings changed. These results suggest cannabis helps treat anxiety.  

Cannabis use to treat anxiety by the use of CBD on a person with anxiety showed reduced behavioral symptoms. The patient’s physiological signs improved such as elevated heart rate. CBD helps to treat individuals with post-trauma stress and social anxiety.  

A narcotic drug with mind-expanding effects

Cannabis is obtained from the cannabis plant and it is a psychoactive drug that is normally used for recreational and medical functions. folks have advised and attested to its use for treating depression.  Depression affects a lot of folks from time to time. It is not to be confused with someone just having a bad day. It is a serious mental health issue and unfortunately, many folks with depression don’t seek help. 


Cannabis in the treatment of depression is still new in research. The form of marijuana used in treating depression is similar to the one used in treating chronic pain ie cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive form of marijuana and therefore doesn’t cause the “high” feeling. There are very many ways in which cannabis has been seen to be used in the treatment of depression as will be discussed below. 

To begin with, it has been noted to help in mood stabilization. When someone is depressed, he/she is likely to have the following moods: Mood swings, loss of interest in things, displeasure in activities, general discontent, anxiety and hopelessness among others. All of this can ensue to many factors. The environment one stays in may not necessarily be healthy, one could be having high stress from school, work etc. Thus, the recreational use of marijuana can be used to treat depression by ensuring that folks become relaxed. This will remove the tension of anxiety and feelings of sadness etc. 

Cannabis as a treatment of depression is also used in the restoration of normal endocannabinoids. Endocannabinoids are located in the brain and are associated with feelings of overall well-being.  When one is depressed, the person is not happy or mentally stable and thus one cannot say that the person suffering from depression is generally healthy. Thus, the chemicals in cannabis are usually used to restore the normal endocannabinoids. They also help in reducing the tension that one has when depressed among other symptoms. 

Points to Note 

A key thing to note is that depression occurs differently in folks given the different traumas, stress etc. Therefore, marijuana may not be able to treat everyone’s severity of depression.  

Some research has indicated that the use of marijuana is highly associated with increasing or causing depression in some patients. Some of those who smoke marijuana in its synthetic or even recreational form become dependent on it whereas others get more psychological issues including psychosis, hallucinations, delusions etc. Some folks are just more likely to be even more depressed with the continued use of marijuana for the treatment of depression. 


Given that there is still more research to be done on the link between depression and cannabis, we can only conclude that cannabis cannot be effectively used to treat depression, it can only be occasionally used as a mood stabilizer or antidepressant for folks suffering from depression. 

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Tips on How to Consume Weed Edibles Safely

Weed is a psychoactive drug extracted from the Cannabis plant. Ever since thousands years ago, the weed has invariably been used largely in the medical sector to kill the pains in the human bodies. With the world realizing its preferably good side effects, it has brought the consequent rise in the use of this drug. It is normally associated with effects like hallucination at high concentration, impaired short term memory, long temporal time of activity, increased appetite, relaxation et cetera and therefore this article discuss on how to consume weed edibles safely. 

While it should not matter, I would like to state that weed is a strong drug capable of altering the state of mind and sense of time. The weed is efficient if the user is able to carefully and slowly use the dose as he also calculate the time it takes for the effect of the dose to show up. The results of the edible weed normally takes effect after about 30 minutes to an hour and therefore you can be able to know how long it takes to you before it takes effect on your body. This gives you a specific time where you will be able to take your dose counting it to the constant regular time of a perfect efficiency. It is good to take under strict instructions stipulated on how to consume weed edibles safely. 

Secondly, it is good for one to start from few amounts as we are not aware of the potential offing effects on a new individual. One can take one milligrams first and go even up to 5 milligrams after quite a good time of adjustment and dose calculation to evade the potential risks associated.  A time interval of 24 hours is recommended as you also increase your dose slowly whilst checking the efficient time of the expected side effects. Increase your dose from 2.5mg to even 5mg after it reaches a time you feel comfortable for and from there henceforth, the regular personal dose will be automatically set as in accordance with how often you have been eating or drinking weed. 

Lastly, but not the very least, a new individual wishing to consume weed should preferably seek physician’s recommendation due to associated effects of the weed. Physical effects such as increased heart rate and behavioural problems with children for mothers who use weed should even come the first priority caution. This is perhaps the very necessary knowledge one should possess before asking on how to consume weed edibles safely. Nonetheless, it is the best medicine that has since been used to treat pains and boost brain capacity to think and work for a relatively longer time. 

In conclusion, weed is a good medicine vastly used in medical centres. It is the most used drug in the world with lately increasing countries that have legalised this drug. It is a strong drug as long as one learns the very recommended means of how to use, drink or even eat it.  

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A rope is made up of flexible fibers that are twisted or braided together making it intertwine making it longer and stronger. Ropes have several uses like hunting, lifting, carrying, and also climbing. Ropes were made by hand in the past. However, due to the increased population and high demand for ropes, people have invented a way of manufacturing ropes to meet the demand. By manufacturing, the quality, durability, and strength of ropes have increased due to the use of machines. This article focuses on all you need to know about rope manufacturing. 


A rope can either be made from synthetic fibers or the natural fibers. Natural fibers include; sisal, cotton, flax, manila hemp, natural hemp, and jute. The natural fibers were used back in the days and are replaced by synthetic fibers from industries. Using natural fibers is not the wisest choice when in need of quality ropes for they rot from inside losing their strength real-quick. 

Synthetic fibers like polyester, nylon, polypropylene, and aramid are currently used extensively in making ropes for their strength. Aramid is the most expensive fiber for it is the strongest. Some ropes use two or more synthetic fibers to increase their strength. These synthetic fibers and natural raw materials are all a person needs to make a rope. 


Firstly, it is the formation of yarn from fibers and filaments. The yarn is then twisted to make strands depending on the diameter of the rope you want to make. The general process involves lubricating the fibers then removing their dirt then combed this produces a continuous ribbon called a sliver. The sliver is then compressed and then twisted to form a yarn. 

Secondly, after the yarn is wounded on spools called bobbins, it is set on a frame to produce a tight strand. The tight strands are then locked together. The rope is tied together with smaller ropes. After there, the process of making braided rope starts. If it is making double-braided ropes, the first braid becomes the core while the second braid becomes the coat. Plated ropes are can also be formed by the same process. 


In today’s massive production of manufactured ropes, customers are satisfied with its various applications. The advantages of these type of ropes to hand made ropes is that manufactured ropes have higher flexibility, larger surface contact area, increased resistance to abrasion and corrosion, stronger, and more durable. Manufactured ropes also have increased resistance to heat and friction. 


Manufactured ropes have tensile strength and versatility making them have almost unlimited uses; like securing your boat to a dock or even want to swing on a rope. Manufactured ropes possess high quality making it a customer’s preferred choice.

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