Cannabis Delivery in Vancouver

With the Legalization of marijuana, modes of delivery have changed. The article below discusses changes in the delivery of marijuana in Vancouver by looking at its history. 


The history of marijuana in Vancouver 


The Vancouver area is known for producing quality cannabis, known by many people as the “BC Bud.” The marijuana that is grown in the Metro Vancouver area is among the best in North America. 


The demand for cannabis has grown continuously over the years. Since demand drives delivery, it is only reasonable to understand the need to see the delivery change over the years. The two reasons for cannabis demand are for : 


Medicinal purposes 

Recreational purposes 


Medicinal Purposes. 


Medical marijuana was established in 2001 by Health Canada for two categories of medical patients: 


Category 1: Treatment of symptoms with the context of being “compassionate end-of-life care.” 

Category 2: Patients suffering from debilitating symptoms beyond the scope of Category 1. 


The University of Victoria and Simon Fraser University did a study and found that 53% of residents in British Colombia had tried cannabis at least once in 2004. Today, British Columbia is the largest supporter of legalized cannabis out of all the provinces in Canada. Moreover, cannabis smoking is relatively well tolerated in Vancouver by both residents and the police force. 


Many individuals prefer more natural and safe treatments to traditional medicines, and opioids and cannabis is the perfect alternative. The demand has, therefore, spiked over the recent years. 


This led to the establishment of Marijuana Dispensaries. These dispensaries are storefronts that sell marijuana to customers who say they have a medical need. With the growth of the dispensaries, marijuana became accessible to many residents of Vancouver. 


In the past, the dispensaries only sold to people with prescriptions. Delivery of Cannabis was therefore minimal. After 2018 when it was legal. 


Recreational purposes 


During the 1960s, cannabis gained ground among middle-class college students and later expanded to include a broader demographic ranging from young adults to seniors. At this time, the use of cannabis for recreational purposes was illegal, yet people still went to lengths to get it. 


In 1972, the criminal charges for possession of cannabis were dropped. This caused a 10% increase in use amongst 18-29-year-olds between 1996-2000 


After cannabis was legalized on 17 October 2018, there has been a spike in cannabis possession in households across Vancouver and the whole BC province. 


Delivery of Cannabis 


The delivery of cannabis has changed over the years with the steady legalization of cannabis for various purposes.  


Previously, the sale of cannabis was strictly for medical reasons. Therefore, it was only sold to people who had prescriptions. The licensed dispensaries consequently had to sell to specific people. 


After cannabis was legalized, the only requirement is age. This has caused a drastic change in cannabis delivery as anyone walks into the store and buys it at their own will. Moreover, anyone can order it online, as many online delivery services have emerged. 


In only a span of half a decade, cannabis delivery to the various users has changed drastically from thoroughly examined in-person purchases to walk-in and online purchases vancouver weed delivery 

States looking to legalize on Election Day

The ballot this November will bring a great impact in terms of business, presidency, and even a great impact on health. To some States, it will liberate them on marijuana use and psilocybin use or could still leave the substances illegal. 

Marijuana use has been in debate with some states looking forward to using it medically and others for recreational purposes. Some other states have gone a step ahead and legalized it for recreational purposes. The drastic shift will however come in with its cons and pros hence the need for preparedness. 

Most states have done it stepwise with decriminalization, medical use then to recreational adult use. Some other states however want to do it all at once. On the ballot, this November is some states seeking to fully legalize marijuana adult-use for recreational purposes. So far 11 states have already legalized marijuana use for general use. 

On the ballot, this year 2020 is four States, Republican-led Arizona, South Dakota, Democrat-led Montana, and New Jersey. These four States are looking forward to the legalization of marijuana for general use. Marijuana has been in use in the state of Arizona but only for medical use. The state of South Dakota has not approved it for any use before. 

Mississippi is also on the ballot but has previously not approved marijuana even for medical use. They want to approve both medical and recreational use together, unlike the other states that have done it gradually. 

Washington DC is also on the ballot towards decriminalization of psychedelic substances but still will have to wait for legalization. This state still has not legalized marijuana for any use, according to The Green Ace Dispensary

The Oregon state has put on the ballot legalization of psilocybin for use. This legalization if passed will see minimal possession and use of this drug substance. This is also a psychedelic obtained from various mushroom species causing hallucinations to the users. 

The presidency will determine to a great extend if these legalized substances will effectively be in use or otherwise. The federal law is still unchanged on the use of marijuana and the other drugs of addiction. 

The business-oriented people are ahead and stocking the marijuana ready for massive sales after this product is fully legalized in these states. This is an excellent business opportunity that will leave some companies with billions. 

It is still, however, a personal choice to protect your health. There is a need to weigh the health risks versus the recreational advantages of this substance. Marijuana will still be a protected drug not for use in less than 21 years therefore the need to go on protecting the young generation because some research shows the harmful effects mostly outweigh the benefits in the young. 

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Magic Mushrooms – Facts and Information

The scientific name for magic mushrooms is psilocin, which is derived from the Greek words meaning “love” mind.” Psilocin mushrooms, also known as mushrooms or magic mushrooms, are an informal, polyphyletic group of fungi that contain psilocin and pyrrolidine. Several biological genera containing psilocin mushrooms are Copelandia, Gymnopilus, Inocybe, Pholiotina, Panaeolus and Psilocinella. Among them, mushrooms possessing psilocin are panaeolus and panaeolum. 

Magic mushrooms are used in the United States as an appetite suppressant; but unlike many other appetite suppressants, they do not cause excessive weight gain. They are commonly used to treat anorexia nervosa, alcoholism, and depression. Although they do increase the body’s metabolism, their side effects are so mild that some medical professionals regard them a safe treatment for depression and anxiety disorders. 

Magic mushrooms also have the ability to improve sleep and induce dreaming. It is also known to relieve pain, anxiety, headaches, depression, and anxiety. One of the most common ways they are taken is through ingestion in pill form. However, some people use them in eating or drinking them, such as with a cup of tea. 

Magic mushrooms can be found anywhere mushrooms are found, in-ground, fresh, or preserved forms. When preparing them, they are mixed with various liquids and left to boil. After boiling for about an hour, they are then drained and dried. Some recipes combine the mushroom powder with sugar and water, while others combine sugar with lemon juice. 

Psilochromenes are one of the chemical substances found in magic mushrooms. These psilochromenes can be found in a variety of mushrooms and are believed to play a role in the development of psilocin, the primary active ingredient in magic mushrooms. A study of psilochromenes conducted in the early 1990s showed that the substance appeared to be highly effective in preventing the growth of breast cancer cells. However, this research was later proved to be inconclusive. 

Psilinpinchroine and paucalin p.m., which are the main p.m., have been shown to be useful in the treatment of bladder and kidney cancer. Psilocybine p.m., a type of p.m. which is derived from mushroom cultures, has also shown some promise in reducing the production of the pro-inflammatory cytokines TNF alpha and IL-6. 

P.M. has been shown to prevent the occurrence of cancer in the prostate, colon, and leukemia. Psilocybine p.m. has also been shown to inhibit the formation of kidney tumors and to decrease the risk of leukemia. Psilocin p.m. does not show any sign of toxicity and has no side effects when taken in supplement form. 

Magic mushrooms are commonly found in mushrooms harvested in different parts of Asia, particularly in Thailand. P.M. is harvested from only certain mushrooms grown in that country, and the best mushroom that is grown in Thailand is called Psilocybe. 

P.M. mushrooms are harvested before they are fully ripened and are allowed to dry. Once these mushrooms are dried, they are sent to the laboratories for processing. 

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Magic mushrooms are often beneficial

This article is meant to point out the various effects believed to be as a result of taking magic mushrooms and various myths related to it.

Topic: Common myths and Side Effects of Magic Mushrooms

All hallucinogens can trigger mental and emotional problems and causing accidents while under the influence. Consuming these hallucinogens can result in a mild trip causing the user to feel relaxed or drowsy to a frightening experience. These are normally marked by hallucinations, panic and delusions. Some users even end up having convulsions. Magic mushrooms look similar to poisonous mushrooms which can cause severe illness, organ damage and even death. Also lasting side effects of magic mushrooms may include long term changes in personality as well as flashbacks long after taking them. Below are the common side effects of magic mushrooms. This can be grouped into two namely, physical effects and mental effects.

Physical Effects

Psychedelic mushrooms are not as famous for physical effects as they are for psychological effects. Unlike other drugs of abuse, most hallucinogens don’t cause intense rushes or euphoria but magic mushrooms do cause increased tolerance to other drugs. Taking magic mushrooms can cause the following physical effects:

Increase Your Heart Rate

Magic mushrooms can increase your heart rate to higher thresholds if mixed with other drugs.

Raise Your Blood Pressure

Any drug that increases your heart rate is very likely to increase your blood pressure as well. High amount of doses is likely to affect your blood pressure. It is recommended to avoid magic mushrooms if you have any history of high blood pressure.

Magic Mushrooms Can Cause Seizures Or Convulsions

This is a rare situation but it can occur. This happens if mixed with stimulants.

Magic Mushrooms Can Dehydrate Your Body

This is by mixing magic mushrooms and molly which cause sodium to water imbalances in the blood.

Other physical effects are:

Dilated pupils, drowsiness, headaches, high temperature and Lack of coordination, muscle weakness, nausea, and yawning

Mental Effects

Taking magic mushrooms can cause the following mental effects:

Distorted sense of tome, place, and reality, euphoria, hallucinations (visual or auditory), having introspective (spiritual) experience, panic reactions, paranoia, psychosis, nervousness

Common Myths and Misconceptions of Magic Mushrooms

Psychedelics Affect The Brain Like Any Other Illegal Drug

Many people have the belief that these drugs have the same impact as other illegal drugs since hallucinogens are illegal.

Psychedelics Will Make You Feel Crazy

Some people believe if you take a hallucinogen, you will experience or start seeing or hearing colors.

Psychedelics can show you the divine truth of reality

Psychedelics will always give you exactly what you need at the time

Psychedelics is for everyone

Psychedelics Can be used  casually


Magic mushrooms ought to be carefully and professionally monitored before given to any user. This is clearly because of its health effects on the body. If left unsupervised, it can lead to dangerous situations.

An introduction to Cannabis Indica

Indica refers to a certain group of plants in the Cannabis family. These strains are well adapted to the harsh, dry and turbulent climates of their native backgrounds. These plants originate from India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. This is also where they get the name Indica from.

Indica plants have a very distinct appearance from other cannabis strains. They have bushy green appearance. They also have chunky leaves and a short, stocky stature. This can be attributed to unfavourable plant conditions in the Hindu Kush mountains.

They also have low levels of THC and high levels of CBD. You will be hard pressed to find any Indica plant with THC levels above 25%. Indica plants are well known for their relaxing effects. With strong relaxing qualities, Indica is an excellent choice to help relieve symptoms of anxiety and stress. Here are two samples of Cannabis Indica plants

G-13 Strain

G-13 is one of the most interesting Indica plants on the market. It has one of the most bizarre origin stories. It is said that G-13 Strain was a lab experiment. It was part of some secret research by the U.S. government. Stories aside, this strain is one of the finest qualities. It delivers deep body relaxation and eases tension.

It is known to give users a sense of Euphoria and bliss due to intense relaxation. It can help you sleep if you have trouble doing so. You can also use it during meditation. G13 can be grown both indoors and outdoors. If you choose to grow them indoors, keeping space between branches is needed.

G3 plants can handle daytime temperatures of up to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Outdoor growers enjoy higher yields than their indoor counterparts. You should also make sure it gets plenty of Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphorus.

Purple Kush

Purple Kush is one the most powerful marijuana buds known to science. It is essentially cross of Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. It is an offspring of pure genetics. It is a strain with 100% Indica and 0% sativa ratio. The tests show that Purple Kush has a THC percentage of 18-25%. This makes it one of the most potent products on the market.

Purple Kush was bred for this exact reason. It was meant to be an Indica strain with higher levels of THC than would be normal. This gives it numerous medicinal benefits. In the medical world it is currently being used on a diverse group of patients. Up on consuming it you will feel sleepy. It delivers intense relaxation. It can also give some trippy effects but will not cause any discomfort.

You can grow this plant and expect a decent yield. It is known to produce around 37 grams per square foot of the plant.  This plant will need about eight months before it can be ready for harvesting. You will need to properly dry out the plant after harvesting. You can do this with a temperature of about twenty degrees Celsius.

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Tips of Assessing the Opioid Detox Requirements

There are a variety of people who intend to overdose on illicit substances, which leads to addiction. When an individual gets addicted, it becomes tough to operate in a healthy environment without using harmful drugs. An individual acquires a healthy drug habit and reliance. To some extent, drug misuse becomes very difficult to quit once you are already exposed, and this is one of the main reasons why there have been established a variety of detoxification health care centers all over the world. The individuals who find it very difficult to quit drugs are usually advised to visit these health care centers for assistance. The opioid Detox health care providers often offer their services at an affordable fee. The professional experts who are involved in detoxification processes have sufficient knowledge of service users’ management. Licensed health care providers are liable to give guidance to the service users, clearly explaining to them the severe consequences which Opioid addiction can cause as well as the positive impacts of quitting the Opioid usage. To understand the actual treatment needed by the service users, the following are the tips of assessing the Opioids requirements: 

Opioid Dependence severity- the professional service lenders when intending to come up with the right treatment for Opioid addiction, they should consider how the service user depends on the Opioid. If the addicted individual highly relies on the Opioids for survival, the servicing lender usually recommends for long term treatment services, because the detoxification process for lengthy drug users is typically slow. Lower Opioid dependence leads to short-term treatment requirements. 

Aid Identification Testing- the service lenders in the Opioid Detox platform, should always carry out a variety of tests to the service users to ensure their safety. Such tests may include urinalysis, oral fluid as well as breath examination, which will indicate how severe the illicit substances have affected the victim.  

 Assessment of the Past Treatment History- as a professional service lender, you should be in a position to ask the service users about their past treat report and, after that, give the right recommendation. At times, some individuals may be receiving the Opioid Detox services for the first time. In this case, the person providing the detoxification services must possess a very high level of expertise to deliver quality results. 

Possible Risks and Complication Assessment- as a professional service lender, you should ensure that all the information being rendered to the service users is clearly understood to avoid future complications. There is also a lot of risks involved when one is on an Opioid high usage, some of which may even lead to suicidal activities. Every situation which a service user is going through should be addressed in a considerable manner. 

In conclusion, the professional health care providers should close supervision of the service users and consistent detoxification motivation. 

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Ten Reasons Why You Should Invest in The Top Cannabis Stocks in Canada

It makes sense to invest in Cannabis stocks now. 

It also makes more sense to invest in those startup marijuana companies that keeps rising daily. Your stockbroker even whispered that you should invest in those ‘potential’ companies. Therefore, you may be tempted to trust these younger companies as the best options in the stock market. 

However, the secret of winning in the current stock market is in focusing on the top companies with top cannabis stocks in Canada online dispensary canada This is because the Cannabis market is a relatively new and growing industry that still thrives on trial and error in its legal market. There are no precise predictions of success for new cannabis companies to offer better security and profits for your savings.  

To explain better, the following are the ten reasons why you should invest in the top cannabis stocks in Canada: 

High-Profit Potential 

The main reason for investing in top stocks is to profit. You want to make money and not to lose them! In the marijuana industry, there is much unpredictability, as seen in the outcome of 2019. You need not invest in companies performing low on the stock market because the probability of losing is higher. 

Have Big Market Moves 

The companies with top stocks always have shown great moves in the past. They undertake calculated risk in the industry. They’ve ever produced the best brands of their pot, predicting impressive value growth. More so, they are gaining more licenses to expand their businesses and reach. 

Have a Good History 

This one seems obvious, but reputation counts a lot, especially in the cannabis industry. If a company in this business tops in the stock market, definitely their business is good, and when it is, it will probably stay that way. This significant history is apparent from the leading marijuana companies. 


Saves You Time on Research 

We always have a culture to equate time to money. On the stock market, research on new companies also takes a lot of time. Since the time-is-money is true, the top cannabis stocks in the market always guarantee less research time than those below. It also reduces uncertainty when dealing with winners. There is also more buzz about them, giving us the public opinion. 

Have A Relative Share Prices to Their Price-to-Earnings Ratio 

All top cannabis stocks offer a better P/E ratio on their share prices. This means that investing in them guarantees success. You do not want to gamble your money with potential companies; you want to profit.  

Have High Dividends Stocks 

Most of the top stock cannabis companies have the best stock dividends than their counterparts in the lower performance angle. This is because these top companies have always improved their performances in the industry and are confident that they will still become better. This will also guarantee that you will receive steady cash on your stocks. 

The bottom line is that in this pot industry, always consider the position of the company performance in the stock market. It pays to choose the best of the top cannabis stocks in Canada. They will never disappoint you due to these reasons the reasons we’ve seen. 

The cons of using cannabis on a teenager’s brain

With the legalization of cannabis in many states across the country, teenagers have started using the herb at astonishing speeds. Sadly, although the Dispensary Best Kind Of Delivery cannabis comes with it very many health benefits buy weed online, using recreational marijuana which teenagers are using, affects their brain. The crux of the matter is that the teenage brain is developing and therefore the use of cannabis has very adverse effects on it. That is why you should at all avoid using recreational cannabis in case you are a teen, as it will have adverse effects on your brain at the long run. This article will, therefore, delve into the cons of using cannabis in a teenager’s brain.

Makes you drop out of school 

Cannabis contains two compounds that are very important to its functioning. There is the THC compound which is the compound responsible for the recreational side of cannabis; the second compound is the CBD compound, which is responsible for the medicinal benefits of the herb. Whenever a teenager uses cannabis over time, the THC compound stimulates his or her brain and thus the feeling high. Once you get used to the feeling high occasionally, you get hooked to cannabis and thus depend on it so that you can function normally. Buying cannabis costs money and therefore whenever you find out that you do not have the money to buy it, you are then forced to drop out of school so that you can work to get the money that you need.

Poor school performance 

It is worth noting from the onset that your brain has different parts that are responsible for different things. For instance, the part of your brain that is responsible for keeping memory and learning of facts, sequence, or places is the hippocampus. When studying, memory is very important as it is what helps you to perform optimally. Whenever you use cannabis as a teenager, the THC compound in cannabis stimulates your hippocampus part of the brain, thus destabilizing it. This, in turn, makes you lose some memory and thus poor school performance.

Lowers life satisfaction 

The amygdala part of the brain is the one responsible for controlling your anxiety, emotion, as well as fear. Therefore, whenever you use cannabis as a teenager, the THC compound of cannabis stimulates the amygdala part of your brain, thus distorting its normal functioning. This, in turn, makes you start suffering from anxiety, having problems with your emotions, and starting to develop fear. This, in turn, affects your self-esteem and lowers your satisfaction of life thus affecting your personality. That is the reason why you need to avoid at all costs using cannabis as a teenager in order to avoid all these cons.

Most Crucial Ideas on Your Best Cannabis Strains to Grow In Your Farm in 2019

As rains in spring season end and we get to the summer season, thousands of hobbyists are beginning their seasonal activities of growing cannabis. Legalization of marijuana in many states, there are more gardeners of cannabis than before. Some of them want to grow exotic and trendy flavors for retail sellers, while others are curious plant lovers and eager to try their green thumbs on the fast-growing annual. 

Just like fashion trends, many cannabis sweeps into vogue. Currently, gardeners, smokers, and multibillion-dollar commercialization ramps up are enjoying a golden age of several flavors of cannabis as well as their effects Cheep Weed dispensary Typically, its many farmers usually plant seeds, and juvenile shoots up after spring rains. Through the fall, these plants grow quite fast, and late are harvested at around October. 

Below are some popular cannabis strains which you can plant in 2019 season:

New Desert Strains: – This is the era of desert strains which commenced with complicated strain cookies about eight years ago. Of late, cookies led to the creamy, berry as well as fuel pressure; thus; you are recommended to take note that this type of strain seed will dominate and clone menus in trendy legal markets. 

Tasty CBD Strains: – Almost six past years, the first strain which produces a therapeutic molecule has a taste similar to hay. Currently, lovers of CBD receive all exotic terpene profiles of THC lovers. 

Guava Jelly CBD – Usually has an aroma of sweet tropical fruit and is obtained from Hawaiian Seed Company. It produces an effective 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD having a fantastic scent. 

Fresh OGS: – These are almost twenty years old and charging regards to their smell resembling that of a lemon. Usually, they have a very high THC effect, which can conquer the highest tolerances. They exist in various ways which are:

Woody: – Usually has a very high Indica and is very useful for sleep. It is a combination of sour strawberries and Gucci from Colorado’s Nerds. 

Venom OG: – It is an award-winning variant on the classic OG. It is quite tasty and robust, but it is usually short but bushy. As well, it has a purple color making it a perfect choice for your background. 

Nostalgic Heirloom Sativas: – They usually have an energetic effect which are associated with some other cannabis. It is quite rare for you to obtain them from your dispensaries since it is quite expensive to produce them and as well take a loan to flower. 


When you want to start Cannabis farming, you are recommended to take to consideration the tips provided above. 

Benefits of CBD compound

It is worth noting from the onset that cannabis has two types of compounds which are the CBD and THC compounds. The THC compound is responsible for the ‘feel high’ factor that you feel when you smoke weed. The CBD compound, on the other hand, is the compound responsible for the benefits of marijuana. The CBD compound comes with it very many benefits that you need to take full advantage of at all costs. This article will, therefore, delve into the common benefits that you need to take advantage of by administering the CBD compound. 

It is Natural 

The first and foremost benefit that you get by buying CBD compounds is that they are natural. The CBD you see in the market is extracted from the hemp plant and therefore comes in its natural form. There is, therefore, no harm that you can get by using a CBD compound. In case, therefore, you have been planning to live a healthy life, then it is about time you gave CBD your thoughts, as it comes into its 100% organic. 

It is Multi-Beneficial 

Another benefit that CBD compound comes with is that they are multi-beneficial. This means that you can use CBD for very many uses which include even health benefits. For instance, you can use the CBD compound to treat chronic pain, cancer, and mental problems among others, much to your delight. Therefore, with the CBD compound, you can be able to kill many birds with the one stone, which is breathtaking and cost-effective. 

It is Non-Psychoactive 

It is worth noting that there is a very big difference between the CBD and THC compounds found in the hemp plant. While THC is responsible for the feel high factor, the CBD, on the other hand, is strictly health beneficial. The CBD compound in the hemp plant, therefore, does not have any psychoactive effects when taken. You do not, therefore, need to cope with the psychoactive effects of the CBD compound. Therefore, in case you never want the psychoactive effect of the CBD, then you need to look at whether the products you buy have THC amounts. 

It has many methods of consumption 

It is worth noting from the onset that different people prefer different methods of CBD consumption. There are those that like consuming the compound through ingestion while others prefer smoking or vaporing. The good thing with CBD is that it comes in many different forms thus giving you the leeway to choose the method that you want your CBD consumed. You can therefore not have any excuse as to why you do not use CBD, while there are very many ways in which you can consume it. 

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