Different functional mushrooms and their benefits

Though there has been campaign of the health benefits of mushrooms, some people remain unwilling about eating them leave alone enjoying their pros. We have edible mushrooms, but some are poisonous. Functional mushrooms are among the edible mushrooms with great health positive effects. 

Let’s learn about different functional mushrooms and their benefits. 

Turkey Tail 

  • Has polysaccharide-peptide and polysaccharide-k that act as antioxidant. 
  • Contains fiber that ease digestion process. 
  • Improves heart, joints, and stomach health. 


  • Helps in digestion. 
  • Calms stomach sensitivity to other foods. 


  • Acts as a flavor in drinks like coffee by making it more appealing by making it look darker.  
  • Strengthens immune system. 
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties thus relieving pain and discomfort that they cause. 
  • Possesses antioxidant factors.  


  • Improves immunity. 
  • Manages blood sugar. 
  • Maintains healthy cholesterol levels. 
  • Helps calm stress 


  • Very rich in proteins thus acts as a body builder. 
  • Helps regulate sugar levels. 
  • Helps maintain healthy fat and cholesterol levels. 
  • It is rich in fiber thus good for weight loss. 


  • Maintains body sugars. 
  • Makes fats do their function well such as by acting as alternate energy producers. 


  • Improves blood circulation thus benefiting health of the heart. 
  • Due to efficiency in blood flow, respiratory process is enhanced. 
  • Effects better sleep when consumed. 
  • Boasts cell maintenance, growth and energy levels. 
  • It has nucleosides that builds RNA & DNA pigments in our cells. 
  • Acts as an energizer by releasing energy stimulants to the cell. 


  • Rich in vitamin D for bone and teeth strengthening. 
  • Brings comfortability and ease after chemotherapy. 
  • Other benefits of Tremella functional mushroom is antioxidant & fiber. 


  • Has glucans and Triterpenes that enhances immune system. 
  • Herbal medicine that calms the mind and body thus reducing stress levels. 
  • Lower stress levels reduce depression.  
  • Reduction in stress and depression brings better and longer sleep. 
  • Quality sleep leads to overall health benefits and raises brain and body workability because they had enough time to take a rest. It in turn increases productiveness. 


  • Invokes mood improving response. 
  • Used in the beauty industry by glowing the skin and shining the hair. 
  • Has ergothioneine that offers antioxidant properties beneficial for healthy body functioning. 
  • Vegetable protein which is very healthy on anyone whether obese, underweight or mid-weighed. 
  • High fiber for good digestion and eliminate constipation issues. 
  • Has vitamins that has various health benefits like improving eye sight, bone strength, muscle growth, etc. 
  • Minerals that are nutrients supplements 
  • Contains over 12 amino acids necessary for nutritional supplements like calcium, phosphorus, etc. 

Lion’s Mane 

  • Has medicinal purposes like boasting memory. 
  • Contain nootropic properties that boast brain function ability by allowing the nerves that act as direct links to send signals for functions to be carried out. You can find these along with Microdosing Mushrooms by hey Sero
  • Helps one to focus. 
  • Rich in proteins for muscle and body building. 
  • Used for spiritual practices like meditating. 

In summary, the above benefits of functional mushrooms are a must experience. Let us all embrace functional mushrooms.