Travelling with cannabis can be easy?

With the changing times and effects of the world becoming a global village, there is no doubt that within the innumerable flights, train and bus trips and of course sea travel, lies someone with a marijuana joint, rolled in a cigarette or in a pot. With some states in the Unites States legalizing cannabis as a recreational drug, commonly known as marijuana, the question on how to travel with cannabis does not raise an alarm. 

This article focuses on how to travel with cannabis, and the factors surrounding the whole idea, including risks that come along the whole process.  

Cannabis is used virtually in many parts of the globe. Although in many areas it is prohibited by law, people still find their way into their houses pubs, offices or even across international borders with it. That means, inevitably, cannabis will need to move from one place to another just like any other commodity despite these restrictions hence the question on how to travel with cannabis.  

Obviously I don’t teach people how to smuggle marijuana, so if you are planning to take a joint with you in a place where it is prohibited, then be prepared to face the implications of you actions when the tables turn and find yourself head-on with the authorities. 

Travelling with cannabis can be easy, or even complicated leading to lawsuits and heavy fines. Simple miscalculations can lad you into serious trouble with the authorities, whilst some smart and thorough checks can keep you and your joint safe. Some basic check questions to ask yourself include how much to carry, where and how to hide it and if the security checks can detect it.  

Common sense will tell you that chances of being caught increases with the amount of cannabis you are trying to elope with. Be disciplined and resist the temptation of hauling several kilograms of the product. A small amount in a pot or cigar roll is less likely to draw suspicion than a bagful of the forbidden gem. 

When the question of where and how to hide the joint comes in, there is a huge risk when keeping the stuff in your bag- think of a random bag search and you falling into hot soup. One can try having it on their carry-on and pray all goes well. Know where to keep your joint, buds, edibles or wax. A joint can easily be rolled in a cigar and put in a pack of cigarettes. Buds can be put in a medication bottle and so on. Avoid liquids that rise suspicion especially for those boarding planes. However, it is easier to sneak your stash via plane than going around driving with it, the latter is riskier. 

The medical marijuana card is an important document which would make things less rough by proving that whatever you are carrying is indeed part of your needs. Don’t forget to acquaint yourself with the local laws regarding cannabis use, so as to help you make informed decision on the matter. Be smart and take only what you need and use your common sense to adjust to the situation as it evolves. If the endeavor is a risk or violation of local law, make a wise decision. Be a responsible person and uphold the rule of law.  

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