Finding the right edible cannabis dosage that suit you

Today, edible cannabis have been prevalent and is a perfect option for first-timers who hate smoking and want to get high. Everyone wants to get high by just eating cookies, brownies, or candies in this era but lacks general knowledge on how to safely use them. Frequent use of edibles can cause severe mental healths, so first-timer should be more careful when taking them. This article will guide you on how to take cannabis edibles safely.

How to Take Cannabis Edibles Safely

Edibles are the best way to take cannabis, and the most benefit of cannabis edibles is that they do not cause the same risks caused while smoking them. However, people should be very careful while taking them, especially for the first time. The following are some ways on how to take cannabis edibles safely.

Finding the right edible cannabis dosage that suit you

People react differently to cannabis edibles; thus, one needs to know the right dosage that suits them. The effects of cannabis edibles will differ from one person to another depending on their previous experience with cannabis. For the first-time user, it is always advisable to start with 1.5 to 5 mg. The dosage can be increased up to 50 mg, later on, depending on the person.

Starting with a low dosage and going slow on it

Cannabis edible can cause intense high feeling while taken; therefore, it is advisable to take a small dosage first and be patient as the effects can take longer to be manifested. In some cases, some first-timers expect to feel the effects immediately after taking the first edible, and when it does not happen, they take more, which is very dangerous. 

For first timer users, it is recommended to try cannabis-infused drinks rather than the whole eating cookie  as it can help you control the intake.

Not taking cannabis edible on an empty stomach

It is recommended to eat before taking any cannabis edibles as they are digested faster when taken on an empty stomach. In any case, you take edibles on an empty stomach, always make sure to only take a small dosage for your own safety. 


Make sure to drink a lot of water while taking any cannabis edible as it can cause dehydration. Also, water can help in speeding up the overall digestion of the cannabis edible in the body.In conclusion, it is vital to check on all health risks of taking cannabis edibles before considering how to take cannabis edibles safely. Taking cannabis edible is very tricky as it can lead to serious mental health and it is therefore important to consult a doctor on possible health conditions that would arise from taking in cannabis edibles.

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