Cannabis Delivery in Vancouver

With the Legalization of marijuana, modes of delivery have changed. The article below discusses changes in the delivery of marijuana in Vancouver by looking at its history. 


The history of marijuana in Vancouver 


The Vancouver area is known for producing quality cannabis, known by many people as the “BC Bud.” The marijuana that is grown in the Metro Vancouver area is among the best in North America. 


The demand for cannabis has grown continuously over the years. Since demand drives delivery, it is only reasonable to understand the need to see the delivery change over the years. The two reasons for cannabis demand are for : 


Medicinal purposes 

Recreational purposes 


Medicinal Purposes. 


Medical marijuana was established in 2001 by Health Canada for two categories of medical patients: 


Category 1: Treatment of symptoms with the context of being “compassionate end-of-life care.” 

Category 2: Patients suffering from debilitating symptoms beyond the scope of Category 1. 


The University of Victoria and Simon Fraser University did a study and found that 53% of residents in British Colombia had tried cannabis at least once in 2004. Today, British Columbia is the largest supporter of legalized cannabis out of all the provinces in Canada. Moreover, cannabis smoking is relatively well tolerated in Vancouver by both residents and the police force. 


Many individuals prefer more natural and safe treatments to traditional medicines, and opioids and cannabis is the perfect alternative. The demand has, therefore, spiked over the recent years. 


This led to the establishment of Marijuana Dispensaries. These dispensaries are storefronts that sell marijuana to customers who say they have a medical need. With the growth of the dispensaries, marijuana became accessible to many residents of Vancouver. 


In the past, the dispensaries only sold to people with prescriptions. Delivery of Cannabis was therefore minimal. After 2018 when it was legal. 


Recreational purposes 


During the 1960s, cannabis gained ground among middle-class college students and later expanded to include a broader demographic ranging from young adults to seniors. At this time, the use of cannabis for recreational purposes was illegal, yet people still went to lengths to get it. 


In 1972, the criminal charges for possession of cannabis were dropped. This caused a 10% increase in use amongst 18-29-year-olds between 1996-2000 


After cannabis was legalized on 17 October 2018, there has been a spike in cannabis possession in households across Vancouver and the whole BC province. 


Delivery of Cannabis 


The delivery of cannabis has changed over the years with the steady legalization of cannabis for various purposes.  


Previously, the sale of cannabis was strictly for medical reasons. Therefore, it was only sold to people who had prescriptions. The licensed dispensaries consequently had to sell to specific people. 


After cannabis was legalized, the only requirement is age. This has caused a drastic change in cannabis delivery as anyone walks into the store and buys it at their own will. Moreover, anyone can order it online, as many online delivery services have emerged. 


In only a span of half a decade, cannabis delivery to the various users has changed drastically from thoroughly examined in-person purchases to walk-in and online purchases vancouver weed delivery