Project Submission

The Niagara River Greenway Commission has approved the “Project Consultation & Project Review” form and accompanying instructions. This document will aid municipalities, stakeholder groups and individuals who may be seeking project consultation, review or endorsement by the Commission. Determinations made by the Commission will be based solely on the vision, goals, principles, that are set forth in the approved Niagara River Greenway Plan.

Click on the “Project Consultation & Project Review forms” button to open and download the necessary forms and instructions. On this page you will also find a schedule listing the dates for project submission and action by the Niagara River Greenway Commission.

Projects brought before the Commission will be posted to this site during the period of consideration. The public may comment on these projects using the “Contact Us” link on this web page or comments may be mailed to the Niagara River Greenway Commission. The Commission will consider these comments during its deliberations. Project comments will be forwarded to the Project Sponsor and the relevant Standing Committee.